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2011 Vivi's Orchid Corner

Vivi's Orchids since 1995

Bepi. Femme Fatale 'BJ' AM/AOS, March 2011, Vol. 16, Issue 3

Bepi. Femme Fatale 'BJ' AM/AOS; viviorchids.com; c2011 Vivian Dodge

Dear Orchid Friends:

I recently attended the Boca Raton Society Orchid Show in February 2011. Nice Show! Small and intimate. I encountered an interesting cross: Bepi. Love it! this seemed like the perfect orchid to showcase for the month of March - spring green and purple!

Bepi. = Brassoepidendrum - this makes a lovely cross and are two of some of my favorite orchids.

Bepi. Femme Fatale = is actually a combination of 3 species: Bepi. Phoenix (nodosa x phoenicia) x B. cordata

This is a gem of an orchid; love the colors, love the appearance of the flowers. Both brassavolas and epidendrums are relatively easy to grow. Bepis do have epiphytic habits, which means these orchids grow readily on tree trunks, and also adapt easily to a variety of potting mediums They prefer filtered to bright light and high humidity. Bepis are hardy orchids and tolerate more light than one would expect. These orchids prefer intermediate to warm environments, so they are well suited for South Florida.

Leaves have the typical Brassavola appearance - more reed-like or terete shaped. The petals and sepals are a lovely lime green color with deep cienna markings. Flowers have a lsight waxy appearance. The fluted skirt is white with deep purple markings. Note how the top of the lip has a bit of a trumpet shape.Flowers are fragrant.

I was intrigued with this little beauty and was thrilled to learn of this cross. There is always so much interesting orchid information to learn. Bepi. Femme Fatale 'BJ' AM/AOS is truly an award winner.Enjoy the lovely photo!

Until next time,

Vivi's Orchids, www.viviorchids.com


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